Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iconic Seattle on Etsy

Handpicked on Etsy
Seattle landmarks inspired today's featured Etsy artists. While looking for rain-inspired Etsy creations a couple of days ago, I came across these Seattle related pieces that not only capture iconic images associated with my city, but are also new ways of looking at familiar landmarks. I now want to run downtown and find the exact spots that motivated these creations. To me this is a reminder that no two sets of artistic eyes see things in the quite same way, and that there are countless ways to interpret and convey a common theme,
My Invitation to You: Re-discover your own city or town by looking at it through other pairs of artistic eyes. Find Etsy creations that capture your own city, town or village and heart them in your faves, then comment here telling me to have a look at your picks for consideration as an EtsyLounge showcase-feature with you as the curator.
Click on the pictures to go directly to these Etsy listings. Prices range from $12.00 to $45.00.
From top left to bottom right, today's featured artisans include: MikeUlatowski, VenomousSwan, pixcraze, lisaburch, MarKhed, lisaburch, ChristopherBoswell, matthewporterart, DonShan, leciawood, artbydi, BunkFossStudio


Bluebottle Art Gallery said...

Thanks for showing me on your blog - this piece is one of my most poular pieces locals and tourist both see to love it - I was inspired by a viewmaster reel featuring gozilla attacking the space needle!

KCR Lehr Studio said...

I've decided that since I couldn't visit Seattle this evening, I would visit these shops instead. I had a great mini vacation. I enjoyed the coffee addiction, the gum wall really inspired me, the space needle, and all the rest.

This was a very unique tribute to city with a wonderful character. I really enjoyed seeing all of them.

Colleen or

Prayers4Theresa said...

Hello fellow EtsyRainer! What a delightful blog post. Beautiful images from our beautiful city. I'm lucky enough to live and work Downtown and am constantly impressed with the sights and sounds around me. I think the gum wall needs more blue - I'll make it a point to contribute to that this weekend. hee hee!