Thursday, August 5, 2010

KCRlehrstudio in the spotlight

Trained artist, career educator and jewelry designer Colleen Lehr sells her artisan jewelry, components and kits on Etsy, in specialty shops and home parties. Favoring good pearls and brass filigree finished in wonderful patinaes, and inspired by nature and history, she combines components in unique ways that charm the eye and often reference the past. In her own words, "I always appreciate the artistic gifts that are unique to each person. Some create, some appreciate, some support, some encourage -- all are gifts and as such should be shared." Creating for 30 hours a week and working online for around 7 hours, Colleen has recently squeezed more time into her schedule for her new blog,

ArjasUni: Emerging Finnish Jewelery Maker

Selections from ArasUni on Etsy
Arja Aalto's beautiful Etsy store reflects a range of styles, executed with wire and artfully chosen materials. Arja is a professional textile technician by day, and a self-taught jewelry maker and magician with knitting & crocheting copper and silver wire on her own time (20-30 hours weekly.) In her words, her designs reflect, "A fusion of influences from nature, art of the ingenious Sami people of Lapland and Kalevala folklore to Celtic aesthestics, steampunk and contemporary design." I also see romance and a little Victorian influence when I browse her store. Arjas' Etsy store, ArjasUni, is her only venue at this point, and you won't be disappointed if you have a look at her remarkable creations.
Invitation to Artists Previously Featured on EtsyLounge: If you've been featured on this blog before and would like your own mini-feature like this one, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the questionnaire.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DiademJewels: Faerie Inspirations on Etsy

Some weeks ago I invited the featured artists of EtsyLounge to fill out the interview questionnaire at the bottom of this page, and DiademJewels is our first responder. She blogs and sells her wondrous creations on Etsy. Both sites are a feast for the eyes. The artist/designer is a 23 year old biology student with a penchant for belly dancing, steampunk fashions and geeky conventions. Inspired by faerie lore, nature & flowers and Greek mythology, she imbues her designs with romance and mysticism. The craftsmanship is most impressive, especially given she is self-taught. Her favorite materials are sterling silver wire, faceted stones, freshwater pearls, crystals and lampwork beads. Beautiful designs and photography make her store and blog a true feast for the eyes. *The necklace shown at the left is her best-seller, and the other photos show a few of the many lovely creations from