Friday, May 29, 2009

Bag It Big Time on Etsy

Freshly Handpicked from Etsy...........
Fabulous big bags and totes make big statements. These are among my favorites in today's search for fabric tote purses. These range in price from $54.00 to $125.00. Click on each picture to go directly to the artist's listing where you can get details and purchase.
C r e d i t s (etsy designers from upper left to bottom right): Renefelt , Evesapples, LaTouchables, aandvdesigns, aandvdesigns, daphnenen, catherinechiara, girldesvignes

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eternity Circle Necklaces from $22.00 to $52.00

Handpicked from Etsy

The classic eternity circle is interpreted beautifully by artisan jewelry makers on Etsy. This group reflects my personal favorites that are available today, using the search term "eternity necklace" which brought up 15 pages of creations. Etsy artists offer these lovely, unique creations at tempting prices.

The Circle: Ancient cultures held the circle as a symbol of wholeness and unity, the goddess/feminine spirit, the cosmos, and a sacred space. To me, circular forms are calming and a bit mesmerizing. I love a freeform circle or one that is hand-forged -- a bit off kilter and organic. Perfect circles are rarely found in nature, and machine-made circles bore me so I prefer handmade.
C r e d i t s: (from upper left row to bottom right ) jorgensentudio, muffintopdesign, metamorph, chicbeadsbygermaine, Mebrededigns, jorgensenstudio, JillPopowichDesign, Piacere, BeadAttic, solsticejewelry

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pouch It on Etsy: Small Bags, Clutches and Wristlets

Small bags abound on Etsy and many are equisitely constructed, often one-of-a-kind or limited production, sometimes cleverly engineered for dual functionality, and surprisingly affordable. These are among today's favorites found when searching for wristlets and clutches. I grab one of these and leave my big daytime bag behind when I go out at night. Wristlets are also great for shopping when you need your hands free for searching through merchandise and holding your purchases. These amazing Etsy finds average at or below $30.00! (The prices range from $15.00 to $65.00.) Click on the pictures to go directly to the artist's Etsy listings to learn details and purchase.
From top left to bottom right, the artists shown here include: tenthstreetsaks, Upstyle, Sweetsassybaby, BorsaBella, dalinda, yorktownroad, mariforssell, meringueshop, Portemone, yorktownroad

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Etsy Lounge is Open

The mission of Etsy Lounge is to showcase remarkable creations by Etsy artisans, and create some synergy for some of the best talent on Etsy. If you like the items that catch my eye, please bookmark this blog, join as a follower, add your own comments and plugs for other artists or for yourself, and mainly find some great Etsy Picks without having to do endless searching by scrolling through pages of listings.

Special Invitation to Artists Featured in Etsy Lounge Posts:

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As I build this site, I will eventually monetize and offer low cost ads for the Etsy sellers who are featured in this blog. For a limited time, if you’re featured in a post and would like to become a free advertiser forever, please join me as a follower now and you’ll always have an Etsy Lounge sidebar button ad to promote your Etsy store.

My picks reflect my admiration for very polished creations that are well photographed. Future advertisers will be in the same quality category, so you can be assured you will always be in good company on this site.

To obtain your sidebar ad, all you have to do is join this blog as a follower and make a comment at least once a month. Simply contact me with your store ID, which is the URL for your Etsy store main page (from within your own account.) Yours will look something like this: .

Your participation helps to build the site and create the buzz that benefits both you and me. I hope you'll consider this opportunity and that you'll enjoy long range benefits from participating in Etsy Lounge!

Featured Artists: For your free sidebar ad that will link directly to your store, just join as follower and post your comment here. (This free offer is limited to featured artists. A low-cost ad option will be available to others as space allows.)