Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Opinion: Lost on Etsy ~ April's Picks

Handpicked on Etsy by April of lunasheart

The common link between these 8 artists is a strong connection to Nature and a brilliant sense of color. Each in her individual approach imaginatively blends uncommon elements or elements that are not commonly combined. Their passion for the wonders of Nature is evident in their distinctive treatment of botanical themes. Pigments that commonly appear in Nature are manipulated, amplified or idealized with an intensity usually associated with vivid dreams. Any and all of these artful creations will infuse an ordinary day with a jolt of elevating technicolor drawn from a surreal landscape. Prices range from $16.00 to $195.00.

From top right to bottom left, the artists include: Caraway, DreHaray, bombalurina, filigreefairy, Caraway, bullfinchbarbury, labokoff, inkspired, filigreefairy, DreHaray, KCRlehrstudio, labokoff

About today's guest curator: April is the creative force behind lunasheart. Quoting April, "There are definitely some Etsy participants who I feel should receive greater attention; it's like they're mouldering in undeserved oblivion." *See Andria's June 3rd post which features one of April's amazing cuffs.


Colleen said...

Etsy Lounge is one of the best designed, informative and creative blog spots I've found. The artisan works featured on the blog are exceptional and have enabled me to find many OOAK items of exception quality and originality.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Beautiful collection!

Andria said...

Thanks so much, Colleen! It is encouraging to hear words like this, and to know that others appreciate the effort put into this blog. It'll just keep getting better and better as it grows, and I hope you'll tell you friends to visit, follow and chime in with their comments and opinions.

Lia Bowen - Bullfinch & Barbury said...

Wow! It's quite an honor to be featured in this post! I'll be checking back often, because this blog (new as it is) promises to be full of Etsy finds and other overlooked "goodies". :)

Once again, thank you so much!