Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flamenco and 346,640 Pairs of Earrings on Etsy

Handpicked on Etsy
Flamenco, the quintissential music and dance of Spain, is to Spanish culture as Jazz is to American culture. With Spain in mind, I assembled today's creations that are either inspired directly by Flamenco or say "Spanish arts" in their design. Part of the fun of Etsy is that right from your desktop, you can take a quick trip beyond your borders with any theme that comes to mind. Click on the pictures to go directly to these listings. These creations ranged in price from $12.00 tp $325.00.
Today's artisans include: CindyDavisArt, houseofharriet, ikfarnsworth, dreamspiralart, opart, RightMinded, susyjewelry, babouchergouge, kathleencrowley, schoolofcharms, ElReyArtwork, konigin
Special Comment: Saturday morning when I searched for "Flamenco" inspired art on Etsy, I found just a few pieces that spoke to me, but I had to crawl through pages and pages and more pages of earrings. Though I did see several pairs that appealed to me which are included in today's assemblage, I'm just saying.... (I mean, if I were doing a business model, I might wonder if the earrings category on Etsy is just a tad saturated....?/)


Tim Irving said...

Brilliant collection, well worth all your effort.

lhansen said...

Thanks a million for featuring my Flamenco Bracelet in your Fabulous Blog! What a lovely surprise!

Dream Spiral Art said...

Thanks for including my Gaudi ring, Andria! This is a fun collection of work.

ingermaaike said...

Most admirable effort to have collected these gems amongst a very saturated category!

Tammy and Rob said...

Wow, I love this Flamenco post, it is stunning!
Thank you for featuring Mi Linda earrings out of all those that are available, I am honored!

Andria said...

Hi Tammy, These earrings really capture a feeling of Spain. I do love earrings, despite there being so many on Etsy, and the ones that tell a story are my favorites. Your Mi Linda earrings do just that! :)

Cindy Davis said...

Thanks so much for including me! I feel very honored to be listed with all the other great artisans.

Andria said...

Good news for all of us! Tim Irving blogged this Flamenco post on his own beautiful blog,

The more links, the better, and I thank Tim on behalf of all of us for the link he created for EtsyLounge!

KCR Lehr Studio said...

Thanks to Andia and also Tim. I will make that blog a must read and see also.

That many earrings! I am always so impressed with the creative drive and seeing how an artisan can make a personal statement.
I will visit the shops this week. I was away for a bit and missed seeing what was happening.