Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspired Fashion on Etsy: Pack A Punch

Handpicked on Etsy
Go out into the world looking only like You. Stand out, stand up for yourself, and stand for the handmade ethic. Twelve Etsy designers create unique fashion pieces that let you tell the world who you really are instead of which mall you live near. Lift your mood, pull it together, sass up your tee and jeans, fix a bad hair day, transform blah to fabulous, pack a punch by taking less in your luggage without compromising your style. Prices range from $44.00 to $440.00. Click the pictures to go directly to these Etsy listings.
From top left to bottom right, these artists include: modestmaven, RetroReproHandmade, Vikki0908, ledthread, yummybiscuitbiscuit, bewakeful, redpanda, movieboyproductions, rubyzaar, strawberrycouture, stacyleigh, greybirdtextiles

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strawberrycouture said...

Hi Andria

Thank you so much for posting my black bandana! How sweet of you. I feel honored. You're right on one thing. Trends are meant to be started...not followed.