Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolutions: Yoga on Etsy

Handpicked on Etsy
Namaste! Resolutions at this time of year often include getting into better physical shape. For me, that means yoga, which addresses body, mind and spirit. Today's selections of unique creations found on Etsy reflect all three of these elements. The wearables that caught my eye can go beyond the studio and out in public, which is essential to me since I sometimes run errands after doing yoga. Click on the pictures to go directly to these Etsy listings. Prices range from $13.00 to $68.00. From top left to bottom right, today's featured artisans include: be2beImage, Kayayogawear, corinnaluyken, DeGala, ModernEraDesign, earthsoul, keytome, NomadicRoots


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!...smiles.

kate said...

Great selection,good to see other designers creating cool unique yoga wear!!