Thursday, August 5, 2010

KCRlehrstudio in the spotlight

Trained artist, career educator and jewelry designer Colleen Lehr sells her artisan jewelry, components and kits on Etsy, in specialty shops and home parties. Favoring good pearls and brass filigree finished in wonderful patinaes, and inspired by nature and history, she combines components in unique ways that charm the eye and often reference the past. In her own words, "I always appreciate the artistic gifts that are unique to each person. Some create, some appreciate, some support, some encourage -- all are gifts and as such should be shared." Creating for 30 hours a week and working online for around 7 hours, Colleen has recently squeezed more time into her schedule for her new blog,


KCR Lehr Studio said...

Dearest Andria,
What a wonderful, thoughtful gift! To be included in what I consider to be one of the finest blogs I have visited is indeed an honor.
Thank You.

As I have a 'baby blog' under construction, I know how much work it takes just to prepare, organize and present the content. And... your artistic talents and professionalism are evident in all your endeavors from blogging to fiber arts to jewelry.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...


Poison Garden said...

Beautiful! Love the colors :)