Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Marketplace: The Buzzing Bustling Bazaar of Etsy

Molten River
Nuno Scarf by Andria Senini
Traditional marketplaces bustle with social interactions between friendly competitors and customers. The virtual Etsy marketplace has captured some of that character with recent site changes such as circles and the new treasuries.

Now that Etsy has enabled a much wider range of work to appear in treasuries, artisans are less dependant on bloggers for promotional mention.  Members can now easily generate their own showcases to promote each other and themselves, and so I no longer feel as motivated to use this blog for highlighting undiscovered artisans since they can easily do that for themselves anytime they wish.

And so, my new direction for EtsyLounge will be a little more personal, featuring my treasuries and including occasional personal reflections about the artisanal life. I hope readers will chime in with their own thoughts and experiences, share links to their own blogs or stores.

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colleen lehr said...

Great! I look forward to following your musings. Best wishes,