Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DiademJewels: Faerie Inspirations on Etsy

Some weeks ago I invited the featured artists of EtsyLounge to fill out the interview questionnaire at the bottom of this page, and DiademJewels is our first responder. She blogs and sells her wondrous creations on Etsy. Both sites are a feast for the eyes. The artist/designer is a 23 year old biology student with a penchant for belly dancing, steampunk fashions and geeky conventions. Inspired by faerie lore, nature & flowers and Greek mythology, she imbues her designs with romance and mysticism. The craftsmanship is most impressive, especially given she is self-taught. Her favorite materials are sterling silver wire, faceted stones, freshwater pearls, crystals and lampwork beads. Beautiful designs and photography make her store and blog a true feast for the eyes. *The necklace shown at the left is her best-seller, and the other photos show a few of the many lovely creations from


KCR Lehr Studio said...

The work is awesome! I'm impressed by not only the work, but also the photography.
What a wonderful opportunity Andria has created for all of us!

I'll be sure to check back often!
Colleen of KCR Lehr Studio

Diadem Jewels said...

Thank you for featuring me in your lovely blog.

bbrunophotography said...

These are absolutely stunning! I couldn't pick a favorite if you put a gun to my head. Each is unique and beautiful.