Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mist and Fog: Guest Post by Colleen

Handpicked on Etsy by Colleen of KCRlehrstudio
Mistfully Speaking...What is the difference between mist and fog? I know; the actual definition is the distance of visibility, but what is it to an artist? It is sensation, color, mood, tone - all the elements of true inspiration. In the mind of an artist, every natural phenomenon is transformed into a work of art. After spending most of the summer in Arizona and then returning to Pennsylvania, I realized that even though Arizona had some rain; I never saw mist or fog. This morning is a truly mistful (my word) day and the colors are so softly muted, yet still delightful. I decided to see how our fellow ETSIAN artists may have been inspired by this natural event. Please check out these works and others in their shops. I hope a closer look will inspire you. Prices range from $6.00 to $450.00.
Have a great day. Colleen of
Click on the pictures to go directly to these Etsy listings. From top left to bottom right, today's Etsy artisans include: moonthroughfog, FineEmboridery, mmedley, cosmicsky, KatsaraYarns, 87photography, CameraSHYphotography, robynsart, rubymountaindyeworks, frenshsugarvintage, emilydreaming, whopaints.
ABOUT TODAY'S GUEST CURATOR: Colleen of KCRlehrstudio is a gifted artist who has also been a mentor to her high school art students. Visit her Etsy store for a visual feast of jewelry and recent pieces inspired by the Sonoran desert. *Colleen was sweet to include one my my own creations in this showcase :)


Monti said...

Beautiful! What a great selection, thanks for including my "Mist" painting!


Kaye Loves Color said...

Enchanting! I am so in awe of the varied ways these gifted artists make use of this delicate, muted palette. Thank you, Colleen and Andria!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I love all the listings-so pretty grouped together like that!

Kaye said...

Thank you for including my hand dyed fabric bookmarks in your beautiful collection of misty artwork!

FineEmbroidery said...

I appreciate your positive judgement of my work.
Thank you for including my favorite bag in your Collection!

wendilee heath obrien said...

Having just joined this lounge, I am intrigued by the vision of bringing together works created by different artists in differing mediums with the common motif. This grouping as a collective collage effectively heightens the individual as well as creating a communal piece!

Andria said...

Hi Wendilee, Welcome to EtsyLounge and I appreciate your thoughtful comment! Best of luck with your new Etsy venture :)