Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gift of Time: 2010 Calendars on Etsy

Handpicked on Etsy
Precious time. We Etsy artists know its elusive nature. It cannot be captured for our own use, or to wrap up in a ribboned box for gifting. It is a thing too easy to waste or throw away. Who doesn't resent a thief of time: Traffic jams, sitting in a waiting room, standing in a slow moving line. The abstract promise of a future deed, or a little trip to the countryside on the first spring Saturday would be a lovely gift idea for those who love our company and can never get enough of it. For those who crave time for themselves, planning ahead helps us manage it, and an inspiring tool such as one of these uniquely lovely calendars created by Etsy artists may be just the thing. Click on the pictures to go directly to these Etsy listings. Prices range from $9.99 to $49.00.
From left to right, today's featured artists include: littlebrownpen, jerseymaids, JavaJaneDesigns, labokoff, MyHandBoundBooks, immortalongings


Anonymous said...

Love your shop! You've got quite the eye....smiles.

Drea said...

That Shakespeare calendar is fabulous!